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Capsule hotel in Tokyo offers spa stay, with sauna and infrared foot bath to wash stresses away

Get away from it all at this oasis in the heart of the city.

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Japanese department store designates female drivers priority parking spots in parking structure

”Ladies floor” implies that men should park their cars elsewhere.

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Petition gathers support for men-only train carriages in Japan

Man (and woman) is born free and everywhere is in trains.

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“No boys allowed” New Japanese cafe caters exclusively to female otaku (and there’s a nerd test)

Get your cosplay wig trimmed while you sip on some drinks at this “girls only” otaku cafe. Oh, and there will be a test! 

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Cross-dressing man in women-only train car causes controversy in Japan

The women-only cars on Japan’s train lines have been increasingly met with controversy over the last few years, with calls for it to be eliminated altogether. Those special pink cars have again come under scrutiny after the photo above depicting a cross-dressing man occupying the women-only car surfaced on Japanese website, Hamster Sokuhou.

But was the man doing anything wrong? Let’s take a look at comments from Japanese netizens.

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“Breaching the laws of equality” – Has  Japan’s preferential treatment of women gone too far?

From women-only seats in libraries to female-only university cafes, it would seem that women get a lot of preferential treatment in Japan. Whether it be a restaurant with “ladies’ courses” on the menu or cinemas offering “ladies’ day” discounts, it is difficult to ignore the abundance of cheap deals or special services on offer to women. On the one hand, it all serves to help the struggling Japanese economy, but a lot of men can’t help but feel that they’re being a little discriminated against.

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