Hello Kitty’s lazy egg pal manifests itself in a shocking way.

Over the years, Sanrio has built a pantheon of cute characters, and none of them better showcase the ability of the company’s designers to make anything look cute than Gudetama. A lazy anthropomorphized soft-boiled egg might seem like the least adorable thing imaginable, but somehow Sanrio has made it work, and the character has gone on to have its own premium jewelry line and traditional bathhouse promotion deal.

▼ Gudetama

And really, the more frequently we see Gudetama, the less bizarre the character’s concept seems…at least, until we get a glimpse of what a real-world Gudetama would look like, which is what Japanese Twitter user @nanopicon just provided us all with.

“I was boiling an egg, and the shell broke part-way through, creating this strange creature.”

Granted, we can’t see Gudetama’s face, but its physique is unmistakable, as the results of @nanopicon’s cooking are an exact match for this piece of Gudetama sculpture.

Several other Twitter users were quick to announce their recognition that this was a real-world manifestation of the Sanrio character:

“So Gudetama IS real after all!”
“It’s a real Gudetama!”
“G’day, Gudetama!”
“I thought it was a defective piece of Gudetama merch…”

A few dissenters, though, are withholding their final judgement on the creature’s identity, and instead producing fan art based on @nanopicon’s photo.


Of course, as disturbing as it may be to be reminded of the fact that Gudetama is, in fact, food, we suppose that will make us feel less guilty about eating the Sanrio star when we visit one of Japan’s Gudetama cafes.

Source: Twitter/@nanopicon via Hachima Kiko
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