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New menu item shows we’re not in the Bluegrass State anymore.

KFC is so popular in Japan that people commonly refer to it as just “Kentucky,” but the average Japanese citizen doesn’t really know anything about the Bluegrass State. As such, it’s not unusual for KFC Japan to offer things that Americans wouldn’t ordinarily associate with its parent company’s bucolic point of origin, such as salmon, Japanese-style bento boxed lunches, or deep-fried soup.

But KFC Japan’s latest menu item is even farther removed from its rustic roots. Not that we mind, however, because while the two key ingredients may not be Kentucky staples, they are nonetheless delicious. This week, the chain made a new addition to its lineup of Krushers frozen beverages: matcha azuki, made with green tea and sweet beans.

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As mentioned above, Kentucky’s nickname is the Bluegrass State, not the Matcha State, and so the green tea used in the dessert drink comes from Aichi Prefecture’s Nishio City, which is known for its flavorful but mellow matcha. The azuki is sourced from Hokkaido, Japan’s premiere provider of the sweet red beans that grace a variety of traditional Japanese confectionaries. Also blended in with the drink are puffed rice and corn flakes, to give it a bit of crunchy texture.

Odd as the idea of going to KFC for your fix of Japanese sweets may seem, the matcha Krusher really does look amazing. Plus, right now you can get a coupon online here for 30 yen off the regular price of 350 yen (US$3.10).

And if you absolutely have to drink something more in line with what Colonel Sanders (or “Uncle Kentucky,” as he’s called in Japan) himself would have had after a meal, you can always stop by the bourbon bar KFC Japan manages in Tokyo for a nightcap later on.

Source: Entabe
Images: KFC Japan