While KFC Japan recently unveiled their newest menu item featuring a collaboration with soccer player Ronaldo, KFC China has (accidentally) unveiled a somewhat different item: Horrific chicken wings.

The three photos below, assumed to be from China based on the receipt text, show what looks like deformed chicken wings. On closer inspection, it looks as if the wings were somehow combined with chicken feet, almost like the mouse with the human ear grown on its back.

However, according to the folks who posted the photos originally, these three chicken-feet-like protrusions seemed to actually be wing tips.


The photos below show what happened after the skin was pulled off, revealing something that looks like a bone underneath.


Honestly, the whole chunk of…what is supposed to be meat looks like it would be more comfortable guest starring in a haunted house than on a dinner menu.


The person who posted the photos speculated that the deformity was the result of hormones–though we’re not so sure. After all, no one tested it for evil spirits or alien DNA. How do we know that KFC hasn’t domesticated the face-huggers from Alien for their delicious mouth-in-a-mouth meat?

Japanese netizens were understandably baffled by the photos.

“What…what is that?”

“I wonder what it would have looked like if they’d pulled all of the skin off…”

“Wait, is this not normal?”

“Ohh! It looks like they finally found my leg!”

“Hey, if it tastes good, what it does matter?”

Um…well, we guess you have a point. But still, <shudder>

Maybe some of our readers more familiar with the anatomy of chickens can tell us what this is. Because we’re still leaning pretty heavily towards that face-huggers theory. They look like they’d be tasty, if you ignore that acidic blood thing.

Sources: Pokkakitto, funnid
Images: Pokkakitto