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It’s no secret that the RocketNews24 team is pretty enamored of life here in Japan. It’s hard not to have a good time in a country with such deep traditions and cultural events throughout the year.

That said, I always get just a little homesick when autumn rolls around. As great as Japanese festivals are, they simply can’t match American county fairs in terms of fried food offerings.

Thankfully, KFC Japan is ready to take a little of the sting out of fall this year with a new menu item: fried soup.

As a nation of passionate foodies, Japan gets periodically swept up in culinary trends. While waiting patiently for the garlic boom of the late ‘90s to come back, we’ve seen mangos, pancakes, and the citrus-infused chili paste yuzu kosho all enjoy time in the spotlight.

One of the current darlings of the Japanese palate is the creamy soup corn potage. A common fixture in Japanese cafes, its popularity exploded when popular popsicle brand Gari Gari-kun expanded its lineup to include a corn potage flavor, which went on to become such a huge hit stores couldn’t keep it in stock.

But while Gari Gari-kun’s parent company hit upon the idea of freezing the soup, KFC Japan has chosen to run in completely the opposite direction, and will be releasing a deep-fried corn potage fritter next month.

We bread the corn potage and cook it to a crisp,” explains the fast food giant, making their deep-fried sorcery sound like the most natural thing in the world. While we won’t be able to say for sure until we’ve taste-tested it, we can’t imagine the corn potage fritter, which KFC claims stays soft and creamy on the inside, being anything less than mouth-wateringly glorious.

Aside from simple gluttony, KFC cites the autobiography of founder Colonel Sanders as an inspiration for their new creation. The Colonel’s autobiography contains a recipe for potato bacon fritters, which KFC Japan started from and tweaked in developing its corn potage variant.

The corn potage fritter goes on sale September 5 at KFC locations across Japan. Like many eye-catching restaurant offerings in the country, it will only be available for a limited time, so hard-core fried food aficionados should move quickly, difficult as that may be for them.

Source, top image: KFC Japan
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