New designs added to custom Pokémon name pendants including popular fave Piplup

Use whatever words you like on your pendant and stud it with your Pokémon symbol of choice!

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If you love Psyduck, you’ll love U-Treasure’s newest Pokémon necklace

Keep the headache-ridden duck Pokémon close to your heart every day!

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Really into Evangelion? Then you’ll want an entry plug huggy pillow and necklace【Photos】

Because nothing says cozy and stylish like the literal seat of child mecha pilot trauma.

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Transform yourself with U-Treasure’s new solid gold or platinum Ditto necklaces

Ditto fans rejoice! Fan jewelry just for you.

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Beautiful Magikarp necklaces show your Pokémon-loving lover you’re in it for the long haul【Pics】

Japanese accessory maker sees the true beauty of the Water-type Pokémon, and knows that good things come from commitment.

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This Japanese artist’s beautiful custom pendant for cash-strapped boy is absolutely priceless

Semi-precious stone accessory maker helps previous boy give a gift to someone very special.

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Tokyo accessory maker turns Japan’s prefectures into pieces of art to wear around your neck

Beautiful silver series is a subtle way to show off your favorite part of Japan.

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Oi! Attack on Titan-inspired anime jewelry is an attack on our wallets!

As the saying goes, if you like it you should put a ring on it, so…don’t mind if we do!

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Jewelry forged with Japanese sword-making techniques are a cut above the rest

These necklaces not only look extremely chic, but subtly show one’s love of the gorgeous swords/men from Touken Ranbu

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Artist turns “untranslatable words” from various languages into beautiful necklaces 【Pics】

The jewelry shows off how gorgeous some Japanese words can be.

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Hello Kitty skull ring and skull necklace are totally cute and metal as f#@%

You think you’re metal? Well, we bet you’re not half as metal as these silver Hello Kitty skull accessories!

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Pikachu and other old-school grass, fire, and water Pokémon become silver and gold necklaces

While each new installment of the Pokémon franchise introduces a new batch of charismatic Pocket Monsters, the original adorable combatants have been faithfully serving their Pokémon Masters for close to 20 years now. We’re sure a couple of long-time fans have formed a special bond with their first Pokémon, and you can now proudly display a symbol of your devotion with these silver and gold necklaces featuring the old-school grass, fire, and water Pokémon (and of course Pikachu too).

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Jewelry You Can Eat! Q-Pot Cafe: The Sweetest Most Adorable Cafe in Tokyo!

Are you familiar with the Q-pot brand of jewelry?  It could get a bit sticky if your tried wearing it on your next night out on the town, but it certainly is attractive, and tasty!

That is because Q-pot Cafe arranges chocolates, cupcakes and macaroons into delightful rings, bracelets, and necklaces!  Never before has there ever been such delectable mouth-watering jewelry, something that is served up in the most appealing manner at the Q-pot cafe. Read More