Enako makes a splash without even getting in the pool.

Unofficial as the title may be, cosplayer Enako’s fanbase is large and passionate enough that she’s commonly referred to as “Japan’s number-one cosplayer.” And in keeping with her queen-of-the-hill status, Enako regularly cosplays as some of the otaku demographic’s favorite characters, with her resume including days dressed as Sword Art Online’s Asuna (the number-one isekai girl), Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Madoka (the number-one dark magical girl), and Hatsune Miku (the number-one virtual idol).

But Enako’s now popular enough that she can draw crowds even when she isn’t dressed as any fictional character, and instead is just being Enako. Of course, some of that attention at her most recent public appearance was no doubt thanks to the fact that she was specifically dressed as herself in a series of bikinis.


It’s still just a little early for beach weather in Japan, though, so Enako wasn’t hanging out by the seashore. Instead, she was participating in the 2019 iteration of the Visual Queen Photo Shoot, held at Toshimaen Pool in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward. The annual event is a gathering of major swimsuit model talent, and the latest iteration, held last Saturday, drew over 3,000 fans to the outdoor photography venue.


While some participants wore only a single swimwear set, Enako, perhaps drawing on her experience as a spokesmodel for multiple clients in the same day at anime/manga conventions, modeled three different looks, and even switched hairstyles before the day was done.

▼ Enako would like you to notice that the opening on this bikini’s top is heart-shaped, and therefore cute.


▼ Enako, circled in the group shot for this year’s Visual Queen Photo Shoot

As happy as fans were to see Enako in such summer fashions, though, Japan’s number-one cosplayer is also one of its busiest, and it was only a few days until her next photo shoot, part of the production for her upcoming photo collection that will be offered at this summer’s Comiket convention.


▼ Enako’s booth will be located at Booth 24-a in the A Block of the West 4 Hall on August 12.


Because while there’s nothing wrong with some swimsuit fun in the sun, Comiket is where Enako really earns a living.

Source: Twitter/@enako_cos via Otakomu, IT Media
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