The truth is out there.

UFOs have become a hot topic again with several credible sightings popping up one after another. That’s why our roving reporter Masanuki Sunakoma’s eyes lit up after receiving word that a mysterious place known only as “Space Station” was located on the far side of a remote mountain in the rural city of Shunan, Yamaguchi.

Could a giant UFO be moored there? Masanuki was very open to that possibility as he himself once had a close encounter.

It was the summer of 1996, and as a young Masanuki was heading home from a school activity in Kodaira, Tokyo, he suddenly saw a strange object suspended in the sky. It wasn’t saucer-like or glowing, however. It looked like two isosceles triangles connected at the sharpest points.

▼ Computer simulation

There were about seven other people at the scene who all saw the object. Masanuki rushed into a nearby FamilyMart and bought a disposable camera. He ran back out and began quickly taking shots of the floating object.

Just then a bright ball of light seemed to descend from the isosceles triangles and everything disappeared. The strangest part of it all was that the object didn’t appear in any of Masanuki’s photos after they were developed. All that could be seen was a group of people all pointing in amazement at a clear blue sky.

It was an incident that affected our reporter greatly, and even while getting a Kim Jong-un hair cut or visiting Japan’s oldest adult movie theater, the question of “Are we not alone?” always hung in his mind.

But now was his chance to learn the truth about the isosceles triangles, so he wasted no time in heading to the area known as Susuma and the Space Station that lied within.

He journeyed by car along Prefectural Road 41 until he reached Lake Chino. This was an artificial lake made by runoff from the Sugano Dam on the upper Kashiwa River. In Masanuki’s experience UFOs were attracted to high-capacity man-made lakes, making this place a potential hotbed of sightings.

He continued along a deserted mountain road. The trees were so tall that they blocked out much of the sunlight, making even the daytime seem eerily dim. Masanuki could almost hear the theme from The X-Files playing in the distance.

He reached a clearing and could just make out some strangely shaped objects in the distance. The X-Files theme swelled to a crescendo in his mind and he dashed closer.

He had arrived at Space Station!

▼ Sign: “Space Station”

▼ Masanuki: “…”

The X-Files theme stopped abruptly with the sound of a needle scratching against the vinyl. Something wasn’t quite right here. The entire place had a strange — almost handmade — feeling to it. The rocking horses and metallic elephants were especially unbecoming of a proper space station.

However, the place was equal parts bizarre and heartwarming. Strange shapes and structures dotted the landscape, but they also looked inviting for kids to play on.

The apparent UFOs also had a menacing-yet-goofy vibe about them.

Some were little more than cardboard cutouts.

▼ Sign: “Welcome to the station of outer space!!”

Suddenly, Masanuki’s heart jumped when he came across an entire shack that had been completely upturned. What could have possibly done this?

▼ Sign: “Thank you for driving safely (Fitness Dezaki)”

It was definitely a clue, but to what? The folksy charm of Space Station was clearly a diversion tactic aimed at drawing people away from the truth. However, even after turning over every stone he couldn’t find any evidence of the isosceles triangles or their activities.

“Masanuki, you are tired,” he could hear Agent Scully say in his mind and he decided to head back to civilization. Space Station was a dead end but his search would continue, and he would find the truth about triangles at all costs.

Unless there was something better to do.

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