Mom has no fear, plenty of rhythm.

The other day, Japanese Twitter user @darakkuma214 and his family were relaxing at home, just hanging out and eating some kiwis in their kitchen. But this peaceful family moment was shattered by the sudden appearance of an uninvited guest: a cockroach.

Japan’s heat and humidity during the summer months means that even diligent house-cleaners will sometimes encounter the creatures in their home, but the incident was still startling enough that @darakkuma214’s reaction time was slowed when he tried to hit the roach with a blast of bug spray. The cockroach fled, and the family thought it might have taken refuge inside their combination stove/range, which like most appliances of its type in Japan has a pull-out drawer for cooking fish.

Not wanting the roach to become a permanent resident of the household, @darakkuma214’s mom sprang into action, grabbed a chopstick, and began banging on the range in an attempt to scare the cockroach out. But while many of us would be panicking and wildly flailing with grossed-out fear, Mom instead laid down a percussive beat that would make any drummer jealous of her rhythm and energy.

The impressive display of musical talent and showmanship by @darakkuma214’s mom has quickly earned the video well over four million views, and has even inspired a number of enhanced video replies from appreciative commenters. For example, here’s one with the audio replaced with the boss fight music from classic Super Nintendo role-playing game Secret of Mana.

But really it’s kind of a shame to replace Mom’s musical stylings in their entirety, which is why others have used her drum line as the basis for remixes and mash-ups.

But the most industrious of Mom’s fans are undoubtedly the one who transferred her performance to a musical scale in order to produce sheet music for it…

…and the one who created an entire jazzy instrumental number around it.

Unfortunately, the cockroach hasn’t been seen since the video was filmed, so no one is sure if Mom’s plan to drive it off was successful. Still, the incident, and the reaction to it online, have brought a lot of smiles not just to @darakkuma214, but to his mom as well. “I’ve been showing everyone’s replies to my mom, and she’s been getting a lot of huge laughs out of them,” @darakkuma214 reports, and she deserves all the laughs she can get.

According to @darakkuma214, his mom spent all of last year in the hospital while undergoing cancer treatment, but has been doing well since her release. “Her hair is still short, but it’s growing back little by little,” he says, “and she’s acting crazy and powerful every day,” so any cockroaches out there better beware.

Source: Twitter/@darakkuma214 via Hachima Kiko
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