After being away from the spotlight for a few years, the busty star wants to regain her physique.

At the height of her popularity in the mid 2000s, Waka Inoue was one of Japan’s most popular gravure bikini models. The Tokyo-born Inoue wasn’t relying on any sort of waifish appeal, though, as her curvy proportions were often compared to those of Marilyn Monroe.

▼ Waka Inoue

However, Inoue didn’t maintain the exact same physique after effectively retiring from the modeling word, getting married, and giving birth to her first child in 2015.

With her 40th birthday coming next spring, though, Inoue wanted to get back into slimmer shape, and that lead to a partnership with Rizap, Japan’s highest-profile provider of combined diet/fitness weight-loss plans and systems. So far, Inoue is three months into her program, but she’s already showing off some impressive results in a series of before/after videos.

Inoue’s success so far has also been chronicled in numerical form, as she says that since starting her Rizap regimen she’s lost 9.7 kilograms (21.3 pounds) and cut her body fat ratio by 11.7 percent, both extremely impressive for quarter-year progress.

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. 今日はRIZAPの新CM記者発表会でした! 39歳。 出産後に緩んだ心は、身体までも緩ませてしまい、58.8㎏という体重になっていた私。。。 今回、RIZAPでボディメイクに挑戦させてもらいました❗️ 3ヶ月で-9.7㎏痩せることができました✨ 3ヶ月でこんなに結果がでるなんて、私自身が1番驚いてます😝 私1人では出来ませんでした。 トレーナーさんが一緒に向き合って支えてくれたおかげです。 本当に感謝してます💕 3ヶ月前の私と、私が今1番信頼していて、1番の理解者でもある倉畑トレーナーと記念に写真を📷 この私には絶対に戻りたくなーーーーい🤣🤣🤣🤣 これからもトレーニング頑張っていくぞ❗️ 明日からCMも流れるので、是非観てください💕 . #ライザップ #RIZAP #ボディメイク #脱はみ肉 #ワカザップ #ママザップ #キレイになるって、元気が出る。

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▼ Inoue’s second Rizap video, showing the same before/after transition as the one above

As with any diet success story, it’s important to remember that individual results will vary, and, as is the norm for before/after photo comparisons, in her after photos Inoue’s posture is straighter, her make-up and hairstyling more involved, and her smile bigger, which does a lot to make a person appear more confident and good-looking, regardless of their weight and muscle mass. Still, Inoue is crediting her return to swimsuit-model form to Rizap, just like fellow gravure star Ami Kikuchi.

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