Handwritten recipes promise a taste of what the Satos, Yamadas, and other families are eating.

You can find curry restaurants all over Japan, but a lot of people will tell you that if you want the really good stuff, you need a homemade batch. Most people have a particularly soft spot for curry made the way their mom makes it, not just for the nostalgia factor, but because the versatile nature of Japanese curry means that most family’s have their own special recipe.

Now one Japanese company is providing a peek into Mom’s kitchen, or maybe we should say moms’ kitchens, with the Mom’s Secret Curry Recipe line of capsule toys.

We suppose you could argue that these aren’t “toys” in the purest sense of the word, since they’re not playthings or decorations. Nope, each capsule really does include a recipe for curry, with novelty goods maker Ultra New Planning saying a total of six mothers’ meals are in the lineup.

With their representative moms shown in the above photos, from left to right the recipes are:
● The Sato Family’s Warm and Comforting Curry
● The Yamada Family’s Corned Beef Curry
● The Uchida Family’s Shredded Cabbage Curry
● The Murakami Family’s Sticky Curry
● The Kato Family’s Deep-fried Potato Curry
● The Kimura Family’s Minced Everything Curry

▼ For extra authenticity, each recipe is hand-written.

Each recipe capsule is priced at 200 yen (US$1.75) each, but online sellers like Gachatonya Amuse sometimes also offer multi-unit bundle packs.

Now, without actually paying a visit to the Satos, Yamadas, or any of the other families, we can’t say for sure if these are exact matches for how their moms cook, and it’s possible they’re being produced similar to how Japan’s schoolgirl love letter capsule toys are. At they very least, though, you will get an honest to goodness curry recipe, which then also gives you an excuse to make and eat curry, and you can never have too many of those.

Sources: IT Media, Gachatonya Amuse
Images: Gachatonya Amuse
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