We’re not sure if this counts as cosplay, but it looks exactly like the Disney pirate tale.

We don’t really know a whole lot about Yugo Yokota, who’s only ever sent out two tweets from his Twitter account. What we can say, though, is that he’s a student at Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata, and also apparently a pretty big Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

As a matter of fact, Japanese Twitter user and fellow Tohoku University of Art and Design student @matuodesuyo649 recently stumbled across an incredible Pirates of the Caribbean recreation by Yokota. Since he’s an arts student, you might be expecting a spot-on Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay, or maybe a fan-made homage or parody inspired by the blockbuster movie series. But nope, Yokota’s inspiration comes straight from the franchise’s original source material, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, and so his tribute to the franchise comes in the form of recreating one of the attraction’s animatronic singing pirates.


But wait, Yokota goes to an arts school, not an engineering one, so how did he manage to build a copy of one of Disneyland’s robots? The answer is that he didn’t. That’s Yokota himself, standing at a window with “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” playing on a speaker, perfectly pantomiming the pre-programmed mechanical motions of the ride’s animatronic buccaneers.

▼ For comparison, here are the actual robots, although now we’re entirely sure that one of them isn’t actually Yokota in disguise.

“Thanks to Yugo’s power, the studio has been turned into Pirates of the Caribbean,” tweeted @matuodesuyo649, and other commenters were equally impressed with the transformation.

“He doesn’t even blink, does he?”
“Even his facial expressions are like a robot’s.”
“Amazing. He even does those little vibrations after when he stops moving in one direction.”
“I didn’t realize it was an actual person until the very end of the video.”
“I can’t wait to see what this guy does next.”

▼ Yokota, showing off his non-pirate robo-dance moves


As mentioned above, Yokota doesn’t post very frequently on Twitter, but he did mention an upcoming trip to Los Angeles, hopefully to visit the original Disneyland in Anaheim and research new moves for his next project.

Source: Twitter/@matuodesuyo649 via Curazy
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