Modeled after one of the most handsome gorilla on Earth.

Whether you swear by the adorable Pikachu tail pillow or even the sucking Kirby plushie cushion, having a good night’s rest depends very much on your choice of pillows.

But for people who prefer a solid, reliable companion who will always offer an arm to rest on, perhaps a different approach in the form of the Shabani Arm Pillow (6,300 yen, US$58) would fit their needs better. Made of 100 percent polyester and measuring 45 x 90 x 15 centimeters (17.7 x 35.4 x 5.9 inches), the cushion provides a safe haven to rest…

▼ …while also looking like it might help deter robbers and intruders, too.

The notion of snuggling up to a random gorilla my turn some people off, but rest assured that it is modelled after a celebrity Western lowland gorilla by the name of Shabani, who resides in Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya.

▼ Many have fallen for his handsome features.

▼ May you sleep well with a protective Shabani always close by your side.

▼ Those compassionate eyes look deep into the soul,
soothing away your worries.

▼ As expected of a dependable protector,
the Shabani Arm Pillow comes with some impressive (and hard) pectorals.

▼ The gracious gorilla also has a pocket to store valuables. What a stud!

▼ Here’s how the cushion looks like from the back.

▼ The cuddly and strong companion we never knew we needed.

The Shabani Arm Pillow can be purchased through animal-themed merchandise shop You+More here.

As it’s practically impossible to rest your head in the arms of the real Shabani, this is the closest anyone can get, forgetting about the world’s troubles and just laying in sweet comfort. But if having a realistic-looking gorilla in your bedroom is too much, then perhaps a sexy daikon body pillow might suit you better.

Source: You+More via Twitter/@shikiko
Images: You+More

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