Straw Hat Pirates feasting and fighting at Universal Studios Japan this summer.

We’re right in the middle of Japan’s first summer since the lifting of major pandemic protocols, and Universal Studios Japan is looking to make up for lost time with this year’s No Limit Summer lineup. The annual series of limited-time attractions tends to focus on Japanese anime and video game franchises, and this year the Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece are spending the season at the Osaka theme park.

One Piece Premier Summer 2023 is the park’s umbrella term for its lineup of food, friendship, and frenetic action offerings for fans of the series. Starting with its biggest spectacle, the One Piece Premier Show 2023, is a 75-minute stage show with a USJ-exclusive story in which Luffy and his crew have to rescue a trio of princesses.

▼ This photo from a previous One Piece Premier Show iteration shows some impressive pirate pyrotechnics.

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to step into the world of One Piece in a more posh and pampered way, a meal at Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant is what you need.

The Straw Hats’ chef is taking over USJ’s Lombard’s Landing eatery for the next few months, serving selections from the fabled 99 Recipes of One Piece lore, with Sanji himself apparently stopping by diners’ tables to see how they’re enjoying his culinary skills.

Those looking for more casual One Piece fare can find it at the Straw Hat Pirate Crew Feast Restaurant (a temporary rebranding of the park’s Discovery Restaurant).

Options include Luffy’s Meaty Meat Plate, Franky’s chicken plate (featuring a barbecue sauce made with cola, Franky’s energy source), and Chopper’s kids set.

▼ Drinks are served in barrel-style mugs like those seen in the anime.

If you’re after a really quick bite to eat, select snack stands will also have One Piece fare.

▼ Sanji’s honey mustard pork ribs and Nami’s Orange Orange Churros (available at the Lost World Restaurant entrance food cart)

▼ Chopper’s Flittering Cherry Blossom Peach Yogurt Frappe and Robin’s Violet Currant Soda (Fossil Fuels snack stand)

▼ Sanji’s Mellorine Peach Lemon Smoothy (Lombard’s Landing terrace)

And, of course, there’s a lineup of special USJ One Piece Premier Summer 2023 merch, such as Luffy’s straw hat, a “Nakama” neck towel, and Straw Hat Pirate souvenir cookies and plushie hairbands, on sale inside the park.

One important thing to be aware of is that both the One Piece Premier Show and Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant require supplementary additional-price tickets in addition to the standard Universal Studios Japan admission ticket. Prices for the One Piece Premier Show vary by seat and range from 3,000 yen (US$22) to 5,500 yen for adults and 2,000 yen to 4,000 yen for children age 4 to 11. Meals at Sanji’s restaurants are 6,000 yen for adults and 2,600 yen for children 4 to 11 (reservations for the show can be made here, and for the restaurant here).

One Piece Premier Summer 2023 is going on now and runs until October 10. Oh, and if you do buy one of those Nakama Towels, it’ll probably come in handy if you decide to stop by the Super Mario splash show that’s also going on at USJ this summer.

Source: Universal Studios Japan
Top image: Universal Studios Japan
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