They have actual panels from the original manga on them!

Sailor Moon fans, I hope you’ve been saving up! The Sailor Moon collaboration with Uniqlo is finally happening, and their gorgeous shirts are going on sale at the end of the month!

The new shirts come in eight varieties and are in commemoration of the original manga being available in digital format for the first time ever. The shirts feature real panels and art from the manga, as if transplanted directly from the page onto a T-shirt. That makes these shirts simply beautiful, almost as if they’re hand drawn by Naoko Takeuchi herself.

▼ A promotional video which shows how the panels look on the page, and then on the T-shirt

Some of the shirts feature some of the most beautiful scenes from the manga, like this one of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion embracing. They show off Takeuchi’s stunning art, which is perfectly swoon-worthy.

▼ And the front has a picture of the Silver Millennium Palace on the pocket.

Others are replicas of actual panels from the manga, like this page straight out of one of the volumes. What’s super cool is that this particular one has different languages in each panel, a nod to the manga’s popularity all around the world.

▼ And as it is on the back of the shirt:

The shirts will go on sale on August 23 in stores across Japan and online, and the U.S. shops will also start selling the shirts on the same date, so we can assume that these gorgeous homages to Naoko Takeuchi’s art and Sailor Moon’s legacy will be available throughout the world at the end of the month.

The shirts sell for 1,500 yen or US$14.90 each, and if they’re anything like Uniqlo’s Pokémon T-shirts, which sold out some designs on the release day, they might get snatched up fast. Make sure to put a reminder in your calendar, otherwise you might miss out! But don’t worry, there are plenty of other great Uniqlo collaboration T-shirts, like those featuring Street Fighter and Makoto Shinkai’s movies, so you can still get something great even if you can’t snag a Sailor Moon T-shirt right away.

Source: Uniqlo via Kai-You
Images: YouTube/Uniqlo

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