For when you’re ready to make your miracle romance permanent.

Japanese fashion and women’s interest magazine With generally has the sort of covers you’d expect from that sort of publication: good-looking celebrities wearing stylish clothes and with perfectly coiffed hair. In keeping with that, none of the 10 young ladies on the cover of the August issue has a hair out of place or a single unwanted wrinkle on her outfit.

That’s not thanks to the work of wardrobe handlers and hairdressers, though, but to Naoko Takechi, manga artist and creator of Sailor Moon, who drew her hit franchise’s core cast of magical girls for an illustrated With cover.

Publisher Kodansha says it selected the Sailor Senshi as a symbol of the power of friendship, kindness, and determination, all critical contributors to staying mentally healthy during the continuing coronavirus pandemic, which is causing many people to reexamine how to find happiness in their suddenly altered day-to-day lives.

At the same time, life, and love, goes on, and so bundled with the magazine is a special Sailor Moon marriage registration form. This time Sailor Moon’s friends gracefully take their leave, allowing the titular heroine to be alone with her beloved, a maskless Tuxedo Mask, as they seal their vows of eternal, miraculous romance with a kiss.

While there have been a handful of previous Sailor Moon marriage registration forms released in Japan, the ones we’ve looked at before have all taken their artistic cues from the various character designs from the series’ anime adaptations. With’s, however, appears to be the first to feature artwork from Takeuchi herself, which is sure to appeal to fans whose favorite version of Sailor Moon is the original.

In keeping with the always baffling temporal nomenclature of print periodicals, the August issue of With actually goes on sale in June, and can already be ordered, for 690 yen (US$6.40), here on Amazon.

Source, images: PR Times
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