Naoko Takeuchi

On behalf of the Moon, we’ll govern you? Rumours Sailor Moon creator will run for office

What campaign promises might Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi make, if she throws her hat into the political ring?

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Sailor Moon character outfits modeled on high-fashion designs【Pics】

Not only were these heroines and villains granted super powers — they were also given a haute wardrobe!

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Let’s get cute! Win prizes for prettying up already super-cute new Sailor Moon figure

There’s a whole slew of new merch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi’s seminal Sailor Moon. With all these new goodies going on sale it can be pretty overwhelming, but RocketNews24 is on the case to introduce the very best, and today is no exception. In the name of the moon, she will make you part with your cash! And that’s not all – there’s also a fantastic chance to win some super-extra-special Sailor Moon-related prizes.

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