It seems like a good idea in theory, but how will it play out?

Whether it’s pancakes or rice made with tapioca bubble tea, rice cookers are one of Japan’s most versatile cooking tools. Combine virtually any liquid and solid, steam it for a set amount of time, and–voila!–dinner is served. Of course, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why we started SoraKitchen: experimental cooking so you don’t have to.

In this episode of SoraKitchen, our star staff Mr. Sato ponders the deliciousness of eggs and rice. If eggs and rice are both so delicious, he thought, wouldn’t it taste wonderful together? Better yet, why not use the eggs to cook the rice?

▼ The ingredients were simple enough that it might actually work.

That’s exactly what he tried; Mr. Sato decided to crack open four raw eggs (which he mixed with a few drops of water) and pour them over a heaping serving of rice in his trusty rice cooker.

▼ The amount of liquid produced the eggs would satisfy the required amount for this particular scoop of rice, according to the lines on the side of his rice cooker.

When the egg mixture was poured over the rice, you couldn’t even see the white of the rice grains anymore because of all of that yellow, yolk-y goodness.

▼ Mmm, looks like an omelet!

Mr. Sato set the timer to “fast cook,” which only takes 30 minutes, in his case.

▼ 30 minutes of nonstop, heart-pounding anticipation.

10 minutes passed…

Then 20 minutes…

And finally…

30 minutes!

▼ When we opened the lid…

…Ta da! Doesn’t it look delicious? It appeared like the middle of the mixture had been steamed to fluffy perfection while the outer rim created an interesting contrast of texture.

▼ Surely the rice grains must have gotten nice and fluffy too, right?

Mr. Sato started to plate it up. When he cut into it with a spoon, though, he heard a distinctive “crunch, crunch…”

▼ Appearances aren’t everything, it seems.

When he took it out of the rice cooker, it looked more like a slice of egg pizza. Why? Mr. Sato asked himself. Even when placed into a bowl, the portion of egg rice didn’t change shape.

▼ But…it looks so fluffy…

When Mr. Sato looked at it from the side, he understood that the egg rice had separated into two clear layers: a bottom layer of rice and a top layer of egg.

▼ That would explain why it looks so good from above.

Despite it not turning out how he expected, Mr. Sato decided to bite the bullet (or the egg rice, in this case) and try his concoction.

▼ He doesn’t look too confident. How do you think it tastes?

▼ And the verdict is…

Awful! The rice was not cooked at all, giving it a hard and unappetizing texture.

▼ So much for that brilliant idea.

Mr. Sato may have failed this time, but mistakes are just chances to learn, right? If he were to make it again, Mr. Sato said he would add more water to compensate for the lack of moisture provided by the eggs.

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