“Will you eat, or be eaten?” is the ominous tagline of this land chicken vs. sea chicken animated battle.

In celebration of the 88th anniversary celebration of both Hagoromo Foods and Prima Ham, the two Japanese companies have banded together to offer a new flake-style dish topping called “sea chicken chicken.” Its name plays off of tuna’s nickname as “the chicken of the sea” to emphasize the mix of both sea chicken and land chicken within the product.

▼ It also comes in two forms: oil-type (left) and non oil-type (right)

▼ Sample recipe ideas for using sea chicken chicken

While that news is nice enough for people looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up salads and pastas, the real fun comes with the 45-second commercial promoting the release. The short animation is of unusually high quality for a food product and provides the necessary background information that tunas and chickens have been secretly battling for 88 years until they were (apparently) finally fused into one for this new foodstuff. Check out the version with English narration below:

It sure seems a bit over the top for a simple commercial–especially the flock of chickens running Naruto-style and a final energy battle between the avian and the piscine–but hey, we’re digging it!

However, the unexpectedly smooth animation isn’t the only reason to love the commercial if you’re a fan of anime, since it features the voices of two of Japan’s most famous veteran Japanese voice actors. The chicken sounds are actually voiced by none other than Akira Kamiya (Fist of the North Star’s Kenshiro, Detective Conan’s Kogoro Mori, and City Hunter’s Ryo Saeba) and the tuna sounds are voiced by Toshio Furukawa (Dragon Ball‘s Piccolo and One Piece‘s Portgas D. Ace). Hearing these famous voice actors doing nothing but squawking and gurgling (err, whatever sound a fish makes) sinisterly sure makes for a funny departure from their typically major roles.

▼ Listen to the version with Japanese narration this time but pay particular attention to the animal sounds.

Let’s relive a few of the most impressive moments below.

▼ Chickens looking like they’re about to bust out Kenshiro’s signature line “You’re already dead.”

▼ Can this tuna also use the Special Beam Cannon technique?

▼ Those decades of fighting have culminated in this final moment of fusion for our taste buds.

We didn’t know what kind of sound a tuna makes before today, but in any case, we’re quite satisfied with the result. Thank you, Mr. Piccolo, for enlightening humanity.

Source: Hagoromo Foods
Top image: Hagoromo Foods
Insert images: Hagoromo Foods, YouTube/はごろもフーズ「シーチキンチキン」 
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