These simple but clever designs are sure to enchant not only the children but the grown-ups as well. 

Twitter user @kusabanaasobi (whose handle means ‘plant play’ or ‘flowering plant fun’) has a penchant for combining nature and origami. In fact, she even has a book to her name on the very topic:

While all manner of plants and flowers are her medium of choice, she seems especially fond of folding leaves–and now that autumn’s well underway in Japan, what better way to celebrate the gorgeous fall foliage? Furthermore, all of her creations are fairly basic and require nothing more than your hands as tools (with perhaps the occasional scissor snip for precision), making these origami designs a perfect way to pass the time when you find yourself waiting outside with a few minutes to spare.

The following are three of @kusabanaasobi’s most recent posts with handy how-to videos that even the little ones can follow.

Butterflies made from ginkgo leaves:

“It finally feels like autumn. The cherry and ginkgo trees have now changed colors, so I’d like to introduce a way to play with the fallen leaves. First, here’s a ginkgo butterfly. You should use a leaf with a long stem. It’s quite simple, so please give it a try.”

In a later post, she shared a tip to look for leaves with long, thick stems that have fallen within the past day so that they’re not yet brittle.

Heart cards made from cherry tree leaves:

“Next let’s make a heart card out of a cherry tree leaf. It will make use of the different colors on the front and back side of the leaf. Gently tear a heart shape beginning at the bottom of the heart alongside the leaf’s veins, leaving the top center of the heart attached. Rotate it side to side a few times. You can certainly make the heart in the center of the leaf, but if you make it near the bottom then it will really grab your attention when you open the leaf like in the video.”

Candles made from cherry tree leaves:

“Finally, here’s a cherry tree leaf candle. We’re going to make use of the different colored sides again. If you let a child blow on it, then pull down on the flame, it will look like the fire was extinguished. It’s perfect for birthday parties…You can make both the heart card and the candle using dogwood leaves as well.”

Here are six more cute and slightly more complicated-looking completed creations that @kusabanaasobi has recently shared on her page.

Roses made from cherry tree leaves:

Red dragonflies made from Japanese maple leaves:

Gobies made from Chinese tallow leaves:

Sparrows made from sweetgum leaves:

Reindeer made from Oriental plane tree leaves:

Santa made from cherry tree leaves: 

Finally, here’s the overall winner in the creativity category.

Sushi made from cherry tree leaves:

What a fantastical, resourceful way of using nature’s gifts! The shrimp and tamago (egg) sushi pieces look particularly appetizing. Be sure to try out one of @kusabanaasobi’s original origami designs the next time you pick up a colorful leaf in passing.

Source: Twitter/@kusabanaasobi
Featured image: Twitter/@kusabanaasobi
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