Here’s your chance to go from reading SoraNews24 to writing it.

Japan is a country of seasons, and for generations Japanese people have been saying fall is the best time to read. We agree, but before everyone can have something fun, funny, or thought-provoking to read, someone has to write it…and that’s where you come in.

SoraNews24 is currently looking for a new writer who:

● Is enthusiastic about following and telling others about Japanese and Asian trends, news, and culture
● Has an energetic, engaging writing style
● Speaks and reads Japanese at an advanced level (equivalent to JLPT N2 or better)
● Has lived or traveled extensively in Japan

One thing you don’t need, though, is to be living in Japan right now. Applications from writers living outside Japan are welcome too!

To apply, send us:
1. Your resume, written in English
2. Your resume, written in Japanese
3. An English version of the Japanese-language article linked to below, incorporating the original content as well as making any necessary additions or revisions to present the topic in a manner that would be interesting and entertaining for our English readers.
新宿歌舞伎町のカプセルホテル『はたごや』が格安なのに超快適 / 終電で帰らない夜ってマジで最高ォォォオオオオ!
4. An original English-language article of your own, approximately 400-600 words in length, that you think would be of interest to our readers. The article can be based on an existing news story or your own experiences and observations.

Once you’ve got all those ready, send us your documents at:
with 「英語版ライター募集/Your Name」 as the subject line. Further details, including compensation, will be discussed with qualified applicants.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

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Top image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)