Kiko from Queer Eye steps out in the bra and shows us why the Fab Five are obsessed with her.

If you’ve watched Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! on Netflix recently, you’ll be familiar with a famous model in Japan called Kiko Mizuhara.

The 28 year-old American-Japanese model, actress, singer, and designer acted as tour guide for the Fab Five while they were filming their special four-episode capsule series in Japan, and throughout the series it was clear that the cast of the show had fallen in love with Kiko and her effervescent personality.

Now the model is stepping out into the spotlight again, this time for popular Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal. After being named ambassador for Wacoal’s “Morning Cleavage Longlasting Ribbon Bra” in spring this year, which involved her designing and modelling one of the bras for the company, Kiko is back with a brand new version for the holiday season.

And here to show us just how well the cleavage-setting bra stands up to activities like playing drums on a rooftop, is Kiko in a new commercial for the product.

As the clip shows, this is one bra that can carry what it needs to, despite even the most excessive movements.

Kiko’s design influence has given the Ribbon Bra a never-before seen sexy, chic makeover, with two classic colourways — black or white — and a matching camisole and pants to help add some spice to Christmas party events.

▼ Kiko says the lacy camisole can be worn on the outside of your clothes as well as underneath them.

▼ The ribbon bra retails for 6,300 yen (US$57.92) plus tax, with D-F cup sizes slightly more expensive, at 6,800 yen plus tax.

▼ The matching pant costs 3,000 yen plus tax.

▼ While the camisole retails for 6,400 yen.

Kiko says she wanted to create a cute design that wraps around the bust with a ribbon, being particular about the colour selections. Pink-and-black are said to offer a cute, girly appeal while the ivory-and-blue creates a pure, neat look perfect for weddings.

Kiko’s Ribbon Bra range can be purchased from 14 November at department stores, lingerie shops, major retail chains and Wacoal boutiques nationwide.

With the boost in fame her appearance on Queer Eye has given her around the world, it looks like these items will be incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike, even though she caused controversy for posing spread-eagled in a different set of underwear on a table in a traditional Japanese room.

Source: PR Times
Featured image: YouTube/ワコール Wacoal
Insert images: PR Times, YouTube/ワコール Wacoa
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