Most 12-year-olds are probably just starting to try drawing their own manga, but this girl is a full-on animator.

Japan has a thing for creating stop-motion animations using figurines, like Ryu from Street Fighter or Gundam. Most of the time, they’re made by teens or adults, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen something of this quality from someone so young.

When Twitter user @gusokudaiou0555 uploaded a video of her daughter’s stop-motion animation created with popular Sylvanian Families dolls, the Internet was floored. It started with just a clip of a Sylvanian Families cat cooking what looks to be some sort of soup or stew, but netizens demanded a full version until it was delivered.

▼ The preview that sparked people’s interest (top) and the full version (bottom)

The amount of detail put into the video is amazing, from the ingredients used, to the way the cat puts the pot on the lid and how the ketchup gets stuck in the refrigerator door. It shows not only that this girl is a pretty skilled filmmaker, but also that she’s incredibly observant.

The best part about all this is that @gusokudaiou0555’s daughter is only 12 years old. Stop-motion animations can take an incredible amount of time and effort, sometimes taking several hours to achieve a minute’s worth of final footage.

▼ Even better: she’s made more than one of these films!

The above film features several Sylvanian Families characters instead of just the one, which leaves us in more awe.

Here’s what some netizens had to say about this girl’s dedication and creativity:

“I could watch these forever.”
“These are really well-made. They’re so detailed!”
“I love it when the cat puts the lid on the pot [in the first film]. It’s easy to say ‘Oh, she just made it on an app,’ but I wouldn’t be able to make this even if I had an app.”
“The bustling feeling of a kitchen comes through really well, especially the part about the ketchup being stuck in the refrigerator door. It’s so good! I could learn a lot from this.”

We hope that this girl continues to pursue her passion of stop animation and go on to become the next Kiyotaka Mizukoshi in high school!

Sources: Twitter/@gusokudaiou0555 via My Game News Flash
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