An amazing scale model artist has created a rideable steampunk mecha for a Sylvanian Family doll, out of… a tub of chewing gum?!

When I was a kid, I loooooved Sylvanian Family toys. For a start, they’re super-cute, highly collectible, and come with a HUGE range of accessories for almost every situation imaginable. However, Sylvanian Family toys have something of a cute, innocent appeal to them, which is why they tend to be marketed more towards girls than boys.

Having said that, there’s no reason anyone needs to miss out on the fun of Sylvanian Families, even if they don’t feel too much inclined towards traditional play styles like dressing up Mr Bunny in his finest overalls and sending him off to the saw mill to bring home the bacon (carrots?) for Mrs Bunny and the flopsy twins. The great thing about Sylvanian Family toys is that you can play with them any way you want—and this Japanese scale modeller artist from Kanagawa Prefecture has decided to make a Sylvanian bunny the pilot of a junked robot mecha in a steampunk fantasy!

The artist has even uploaded several stop-motion films of the bunny riding the awesome creation!

A close-up of the robot’s cockpit.

The artist reports that they used a simple tub of chewing gum along with pieces from a Gundam model kit to create the body of the robot.

The bunny itself has also been customised and given a gritty, heavy-smoking persona.

He’s even been given a new pair of shoes, created using a glue gun:

You can check out the artist’s gallery on Minne (the Japanese equivalent of Etsy) to see more of their creations!

Source and images: Twitter/almighty0404 via Plginrt Project