Japanese users of one of the Internet’s largest adult portals are OK breaking up the silence of the holy night with passionate panting.

In some ways, Christmas in Japan is similar to Christmas in other countries. Christmas trees and lights go up around town, and good little boys and girls look forward to getting presents from Santa (sometimes with an assist from very clever stores).

But in other ways, Christmas in Japan is very different, and perhaps the most different is that unlike many other countries, Japan actually watches more porn on Christmas. At least that’s what online adult video portal Pornhub’s statistics apparently show, according to this infographic shared by Japanese Twitter user @medicalnoowari.

Looking at the map, we can see that Pornhub’s traffic from the U.S. drops by 27 percent on Christmas, and by 32 in Canada and the U.K. Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany also spend significantly less time watching porn on December 25, and worldwide Pornhub’s traffic drops by 22 percent. But Japan sticks out from the rest and watches 8 percent more Pornhub content on Christmas day.

So what is it that makes Japan extra-horny in the yuletide season? Pornhub didn’t ask, but we can offer a few explanations.

In Japan, Christmas, or more specifically Christmas Eve, is supposed to be the most romantically passionate night of the year. The ideal for young couples is to go out to a fancy dinner, enjoy some strawberry-adorned Christmas cake, exchange presents, and then head straight to a hotel for some consenting-adult action, so Japan already has sex on the brain around December 25.

But if you’ve got no Christmas date? Sure, you can satisfy your hunger for food with Burger King Japan’s barrel of special alone-at-Christmas fast food, but as for your carnal cravings, you’ll have to take things into your own hands.

Another factor is that Christmas isn’t a holiday in Japan. People still have to go to work, and it’s actually an especially busy time, since it’s during the rush to get things done before New Year’s, when Japanese companies do close down. The result is that no one in Japan is going back to their hometown at Christmas to stay at their parents’ house, possibly sharing a room with other visiting relatives. Instead, those without dates are punching out of work at the end of the day and heading back to the privacy of their own homes.

Even when some Japanese families do have Christmas parties, they’re generally pretty small affairs, often just a casual dinner at home for the immediate family. They tend to wrap up pretty early, meaning any of the married couple’s living-at-home children who’re old enough to be feeling that special kind of grown-up lonesome will be off to their rooms in time to self-medicate with some adult video time.

Finally, there’s the fact that Japan sees Christmas as pretty much an entirely secular, for-fun event, without any perceived responsibility to meditate on such virtues as peace on earth and goodwill to men. Put it all together, and:

1. A lot of Japanese people are thinking about sex at Christmas.
2. The ones without dates have plenty of privacy.
3. There’s no cultural taboo about busting a nut in the same time frame Santa is making his rounds.

Honestly, if anything it’s actually surprising Japan’s Christmas Pornhub access doesn’t rise by more than 8 percent, until you remember once again that in Japan, it’s Christmas Eve that’s the big deal. That means that Japan’s 8 percent uptick on December 25 is coming just a day after what was likely an even larger surge on December 24, though apparently not one large enough that the country’s desire runs dry.

Source: Twitter/@medicalnoowari via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso
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