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Japan has really started embracing Halloween over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the country has adopted every Western holiday. For example, no one really has American-style Thanksgiving celebrations here, which means there’s no reason to wait until December to get into the Christmas mood.

So as soon as Halloween is over, you can start expecting the signs of Christmas, and along with Christmas lights and Christmas trees, this year you can look forward to some sweet and adorable Christmas donuts from Krispy Kreme.

Donuts are really the food for all seasons, as Krsipy Kreme has reminded us before with their special Easter and Halloween donuts. October 31 is your last chance to pick up a treat from their spooky Krispy Skremes series, but the very next day the chain starts offering its special Christmas lineup.

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Starting off with the big guy himself, the Santa Claus Strawberry Cheesecake comes filled with strawberry cheese cream. Santa’s hat is a field of strawberry puree glaze, and while you might think his extremely pale complexion is a result of spending the last 12 months at the North Pole, it’s actually white chocolate, as is his beard.

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The Snowman Chocolate features the same white chocolate coating and strawberry glaze, this time doing duty as his scarf. Instead of the fruity filling used for the Santa Claus Strawberry Cheesecake, though, inside you’ll find chocolate cream.

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As much as Japan loves Christmas, it can’t resist putting its own spin on the holiday. So if you’re planning to arrange your menu along local tastes, you could follow up your Christmas Eve dinner of fried chicken with a Green Tea and White Chocolate Cake donut. The old-fashioned donut comes coated with white chocolate and Uji matcha, has a cranberry for some extra color, and will definitely taste better than any other Christmas wreath you try to eat.

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Finally, there’s the Waguri Mont Blanc. What’s waguri, you ask? Well, wa means “Japanese,” and guri, in this case, is “chestnut.” We’re not sure what makes Japanese chestnuts different from those from other countries, and the insistent terminology seems a little ironic when it’s immediately followed by the name of a French dessert. Still, the mix of chestnut glaze, milk cream, and crushed pistachios makes this the most sophisticated of the bunch.

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The Snowman Chocolate, Green Tea and White Chocolate Cake, and Waguri Mont Blanc can all be purchased individually for 230 yen (US$2.15) each. Alternatively, if you’re looking to share, you can pick up the 1,200-yen Snowman Box, which gets you one each of the three, plus a Star Chocolate Sprinkle donut and two of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed.

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Santa is the only one who can’t be bought outright, as anyone who tried slipping a bribe under the cookie plate and got punished with a stocking full of coal already knows. The only way to get your hands on a Santa Claus Strawberry Cheesecake is with the 2,000-yen Santa Dozen, where St. Nick is accompanied by one snowman, two green teas, two chestnut, two chocolate sprinkle, and four glazed donuts.

All four special donuts go on sale November 1, and will be available until December 25.

Source: Entabe
Images: Krispy Kreme