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As long as you’ve got hot water, you’re not really alone.

As I write this, it’s Christmas Eve, which in Japan means it’s time to head out to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, not everyone has a special someone to share the evening with, and for some singles the lovey-dovey mood that descends on Japan every December 24 is depressing enough that they’d rather just hunker down at home and avoid having to see all the cozy couples holding hands as they roam the city checking out the Christmas decorations.

If you’re spending Christmas Eve at home alone, odds are you’re not going to cook a lavish meal for yourself. Thankfully, Nissin, maker of Cup Noodle, is standing by with its Donbei line of instant udon and soba noodles. What’s more, the company has 11 thoughtful suggestions on how to make your bowl of singleton noodles feel a little less lonely on Christmas Eve.


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Grab the fried tofu out of the bowl, fold it into a pair of lips, and give it a warm kiss (although you might want to wait for the broth to cool down a little before you try this).


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Place a bowl of udon to your right, a bowl of soba to your left, and then plead “Please, you two, don’t fight over me!” like the prize you are.


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Make an extra bowl of Donbei, then use it as an excuse to knock on the door of your opposite-sex neighbor and say “Umm, I made too much, so would you like some?”


DB 4

Make a pentagram with five Donbei, then use it to summon the spirit of another Donbei…we have no idea what this has to do with Christmas, but, if you can pull it off, it does sound like a great way to stretch your food budget.


DB 5

After finishing your meal, hang the empty bowl on your Christmas tree, with a note inside telling Santa what sort of present you want him to leave in it for you.


DB 6

Fill the empty bowl with hot water, then insert a container of sake. Let the bottle heat up, then enjoy a few cups until you’ve forgotten about being lovelorn and/or fallen asleep.


DB 7

Take the amount of money you’d expect to spend on a Christmas present and use it to buy Donbei. The amount of Donbei you can purchase is equal to your number of earthly desires!


DB 8

Instead of the standard five minutes, let your Donbei sit for 10 minutes after you pour in the hot water. Then rush over and tell it “Sorry! Have you been waiting long?” in the same sweetly apologetic voice you’d use if you were running late for a date.


DB 9

After finishing the noodles, while there’s still soup left in the bowl, peer into it and ask “Donbei, Donbei on the table, who’s the fairest one of all?” Whoever’s face you then see must be the most beautiful person in the world, right?


DB 10

Measure Donbei’s bust, waist, and hip measurements, then bask in the superiority of your own physical form.


DB 11

Eat some Donbei, and warm up your body and heart.

That last one sounds the most sensible to us, and also the most delicious. Merry Christmas, everyone, whether you’re spending it with loved ones or just some lovely noodles!

Source: Jin
Images: Donbei official website