We try the new Starbucks drink designed to bring in good fortune for the New Year and find out what a “lucky” drink tastes like.

It hasn’t been long since Christmas, but things are still staying festive as Japan prepares itself for the big New Year’s Day celebrations. Not to be left out, Starbucks Japan is now offering a new drink with a lucky theme that’s perfect for welcoming in the New Year.

The new drink, as we’ve previously reported, is called the Azuki Kinako Warabimochi Fuku Frappuccino (which roughly translates to “Lucky Frappuccino with sweet red beans, toasted soybean flour and bracken starch jelly”), and as the name suggests, it includes some well-loved traditional Japanese ingredients: azuki (sweet red beans), which is widely used in traditional Japanese confections often as a filling in paste form, while kinako soybean powder is frequently used to add a pleasant, toasty flavor to various kinds of treats.

But what captures the attention the most in this latest Starbucks creation has to be the warabimochi, a jiggly jelly-like Japanese confection made from bracken starch that is popular for its unique and fun texture. In fact, this is the first time Starbucks have used warabimochi in one of their drinks.

Combine those tasty ingredients with the word “fuku” (luck) in the name of the Frappuccino, and you have the makings of one fortuitous drink.

▼ You can see the colorful poster outside the store advertising the new seasonal drinks:

And here’s the actual drink — we couldn’t wait to try it to see how lucky it tastes.