”Oh, and I’d like that with soy milk and warabimochi, please.”

Though Starbucks itself does a fine job coming up with tasty recipes for its beverage lineup, the chain is always open to input from customers on their individual orders. Want your drink made with almond milk, an extra espresso shot, or less whipped cream? Sure, just ask and they’ll be happy to oblige.

Also not a problem: customizing your drink by adding jiggly mochi to it. At least it’s not a problem at Starbucks Japan, which started offering that option earlier this month but has now sent out a tweet to make doubly sure everyone everyone heard the good word.

“We recommend adding a chewy texture [to your Teavana Shaken Matcha Latte] by customizing it with warabimochi for 100 yen [US$0.95],” tweeted Starbucks Japan’s official account.

▼ Warabimochi is a traditional Japanese confectionary with a sweet flavor and gelatin-like consistency.

The tweet had other social media users who weren’t aware they could do this licking their lips as they left comments like “This sounds like the perfect matcha latte for summer,” “Now that I know this, I regret cheating on Starbucks by going to [rival coffeehouse] Dotour the other day,” and “This has me shaking with excitement.”

Starbucks Japan echoes the mochi suggestion on its website, where the page for the Teavana Shaken Matcha Latte’s description now includes “We recommend customizing it with some chewy warabimochi.” The same advice also appears on the page for the Teavana Shaken Hojicha (roasted green tea) Latte.

This isn’t the absolute first time for warabimochi to shake its way into the Starbucks menu, as it was a key ingredient in last year’s Azuki Kinako Warabimochi Fuku Frappuccino. In that case, though, you could only get it in that one specific drink, which was available for a mere three weeks. Now, though, it looks like warabimochi will be a standing customization option for the time being.

Since traditional Japanese sweets are typically meant to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, warabimochi should go great with the match and hojicha beverages, but you can ostensibly add it to any drink on the menu. While it’s probably not something you’d want in your morning coffee eye-opener, warabimochi’s mild sweetness should make it a palate-pleasing partner in just about any Frappuccino Starbucks Japan offers, and we look forward to tossing it into every dessert drink we can until we find the absolute best combination.

Source: Starbucks
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