personal information leak

Personal information of everyone in Amagasaki City lost by person who passed out drunk on street

Remember, don’t drink and carry the personal info everyone in the city.

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Japanese elementary school teacher under fire after selling students’ personal info online

“I want to know how much they offered him.”

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Love hotel search engine hacked, user info possibly stolen in attack against romancers

If you’ve used Happy Hotel to book a love hotel recently, you may want to change your password!

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Benesse apologizes to customers by giving them 5 bucks, guilts them into donating the money back

Corporations are a lot like people in many ways, we often talk about them as if they act with a single mind and purpose, and they even have legal rights as an individual. Also, like many humans in the world, some corporations seem to lack certain social graces and may deal with other people in awkward ways.

One company who we might describe as “socially special” is education industry titan Benesse. After a major security breach earlier this year nearly 30 million people’s personal information was leaked and sold. To compensate the victims, Benesse is offering a whole 500 yen (US$4.60). That alone might be interpreted as a slap in the face by some people, but it gets worse.

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