Satisfyingly sexy sushi room has foreign travelers writing thank-you letters to the staff.

Japan’s love hotels allow couples to rent rooms by the hour, for those occasions when they need a little alone time and a bed, but aren’t necessarily looking for someplace to get a full night’s quiet sleep. Despite their steamy reason for existing, however, love hotel rooms aren’t all designed as extra-kinky spaces for frolicking in far-fetched fetishes. Most of them look like pretty ordinary hotel rooms, with fancy-looking furniture and decorations.

For example, the rooms shown above and below, both of which are found at the Hotel Sara love hotel in the town of Kawagoe (a 30-minute train ride north of downtown Tokyo), might be a bit on the garish side, but there’s nothing all too risqué about them, except arguably the neon lighting that runs under the beds.

Likewise, Room 405 may not be particularly sexual in its décor, but while the aesthetics may not scream “getting it on,” they proudly trumpet “Japan!”

That’s because the tender moments that you and your partner share will take place in the presence of dozens of pieces of sushi. And no, before anyone makes any “Does the love hotel room smell like fish?” jokes, we should clarify that they’re all plastic replicas, of the sort that you see displayed outside of sushi restaurants in Japan.

Still, the craftsmanship is remarkable, with models of Japan’s most famous cuisine adorning the walls and also found within glass insets in the table and floor. Even the lighting is sushi-themed, with the lights hanging above the bed fashioned like the circular lacquerware tubs in which sushi is often served. Further nods to the culinary inspiration come in the light-tone wood walls and floor, which match the shade commonly used for wooden sushigeta serving blocks.

▼ More shots of Room 405, which is officially called “Edomae Sushi Luxury”

On the other hand, if your favorite thing about Japan isn’t its revolutionary way of preparing seafood, but the history of its mysterious shadow warriors, the Hotel Sara Kawagoe also has a Ninja Village room, Room 502, with shuriken and katana on display.

▼ And Fabreeze, which is apparently an important part of the romantic ninja arsenal.

There’s also Room 303, Ten Thousand Years of Sakura, in case you and your special someone are ready to let your love bloom like the cherry blossoms.

Getting back to the sushi room, Hotel Sara’s management says it wasn’t sure how it would received, but since the hotel’s opening in 2017, it’s become one of the most popular rooms with foreign guests. You might be wondering how the hotel can determine that, seeing as how discretion is an important thing for love hotel guests, so much so that payment is often handled without the staff and customers actually seeing each other’s faces. However, doing the deed in the sushi room is such a memorable and enjoyable experience that the hotel has received multiple thank-you letters from foreign travelers saying how much they enjoyed their stay, and the hotel’s management says it’s happy to have played a part in creating a special memory for visitors to Japan from overseas.

As for Kawagoe itself, the town has a beautiful historic quarter, and makes a nice half-day trip from Tokyo. Best of all, even if you can’t fit a whole night in Kawagoe into your itinerary, the nature of Hotel Sara’s business means that you can enjoy the Edomae Sushi Luxury room, or the other unique accommodations seen here, as long as you’ve got an hour or two to spare.

Hotel information
Hotel Sara Kawagoe / ホテルサラ川越
Saitama-ken, Kawagoe-shi, Osemba 342-6

Source: Hotel Sara Kawagoe, IT Media, Twitter/@Cat4niku
Images: Hotel Sara Kawagoe