Atami hoteliers thought Godzilla’s attack would end in spring, but the King of the Monsters makes his own schedule.

Atami has long been one of Japan’s most popular seaside travel destinations. Located in Shizuoka Prefecture at the eastern entrance to the Izu Peninsula, Atami’s abundant hot springs and sweeping ocean views make the archetypal itinerary a nice long soak and a luxurious meal served in your hotel room as you gaze out at the sea as the sun sets.

However, if rather than destressing you’re looking for something that’ll get your heartrate up in Atami, the Atami Bay Resort Korakuen hotel has just the amenity for you: daily Godzilla attacks!

The hotel is currently running the Escape from the Hotel Being Attacked by Godzilla escape room game. The event is one of the latest creations from Scrap, the Tokyo-based escape room design company (and also the people behind the amazing real-life Metal Gear Solid game). And even though Godzilla is targeting the hotel, non-guests can get in on the fun/terror too, since the game is offered in two formats.

▼ Atami Bay Resort Korakuen

The simpler version is the Visitor Course (called the Higaeri Course in Japanese). This version of the game, designed for those not spending the night at the hotel, lasts two to three hours, and costs 2,900 yen (US$21.50) per player.

If you really want to make a day out of escaping Godzilla’s wrath, though, there’s also the Hotel Guest Course (the Shukuaku Course). Offered as part of a one-night-stay package (with an additional 5,250 yen fee per person), this extended, more involved version of the Escape from the Hotel Being Attacked by Godzilla unfolds over four and a half to six hours, with organizers boasting that “the entire hotel is used as the game venue.”

▼ Even without the added bonus of Godzilla attacks, the hotel looks like a pretty nice place to spend the night.

Initially, Escape from the Hotel Being Attacked by Godzilla was supposed to end on May 28. As so often happens, though, puny humans’ predictions of when they’ll be able to stop a Godzilla rampage were overly optimistic, and so the game has now been extended until July 23. Reservations for the Hotel Guest Course can be made online here. The organizers also mention that the game will be difficult to complete for those with less than an “upper elementary school-level” ability to read and understand spoken Japanese, so for any budding linguists out there, this would be a great under-pressure test of your skills.

Hotel information
Atami Bay Resort Korakuen / 熱海ベイリゾート後楽園
Address: Shizuoka-ken, Atami-shi, Wadahama Minamicho 10-1

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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