Lookalike uniforms imitate schools across the nation, from Tokyo to Kyushu.

Japan’s love hotels are in the business of renting out rooms on an hourly basis to couples who need some privacy for a few hours so that they can, well, let’s say, “physically express their affection for one another.” As such, amenities like large beds and good sound-proofing are pretty standard, but as in any business, in order to succeed you have to stand out from your rivals.

For example, Japanese Twitter user @zoezoezoe0826 recently visited a love hotel that differentiates itself through the type of cosplay outfits it can provide guests with, and shared a snapshot of the various options. This being Japan, you might assume that schoolgirl outfits are available, and you’d be right, but you might not have expected there to be so many different uniforms to choose from.


The hotel has no fewer than 18 different outfits, but what’s most startling is the reason why the hotel offers such a variety: each one is based on a real-world Japanese high school’s uniform. Next to each photo is the name of one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, and at the bottom of each box is a thinly veiled school name. With those two pieces of information, it’s not hard to deduce, for example, that the “Tokyo, Shira..ri” uniform matches that of Shirayuri High School in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, or that “Kanagawa, Fe…s” is Ferris Girls’ High School, in Kanagawa’s prefectural capital of Yokohama.

However, the hotel isn’t renting out actual uniforms that were previously worn by students. Instead, the outfits are replicas (as specified on the pamphlet), with one commenter speculating they’re from a series sold online by cosplay retailer Mia Costume.

With so much variety, the hotel’s managers figure some guests will want to try multiple uniforms, and to the first is provided free of charge, with additional outfits costing an additional 500 yen (US$4.60) each for the duration of guests’ stay. As for where this love hotel is, @zoezoezoe0826 has told those who ask that it’s in the Uguisudani neighborhood of Tokyo’s Taito Ward, but is unwilling to give any more specific information, perhaps because he doesn’t want to run into any of his Twitter followers at the venue he uses for his amorous liaisons.

Source: Twitter/@zoezoezoe0826 via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@zoezoezoe0826
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