Nothing’s cooking but some good ol’ yakuza fun.

From commercials depicting company higher-ups apologizing for a popsicle’s 9-cent price increase to McDonald’s anime commercials, Japan has been creative when it comes to leveraging its culture in the medium of advertisement.

The same goes for the manga Gokushufudo, translated to “The Way of the Househusband” in English. It centers on the daily shenanigans of protagonist “Immortal Tatsu,” a former yakuza member who has turned a new page and primarily focuses on his duties as a househusband… while causing some misunderstandings here and there.

To celebrate over one million volumes sold, and to give fans a treat, The Way of the Househusband has come out with a live action commercial which works so well it might as well be a teaser to an actual live-action. Check it out here:

Though the commercial is an adaptation of the manga’s more popular scenes, we get a rare but precious glimpse of all the turmoils related household labor from the perspective of a househusband, such as:

▼ Getting the perfect angle for the Insta

▼ Ensuring that the robot vacuum isn’t skimping out on any corners

▼ Getting stopped by the police while delivering your wife’s forgotten bento
(The text to the right says:”BEWARE OF SUSPICIOUS INDIVIDUALS!!”)

And if you’re still in the mood for watching the miscellany of heartwarming and amusing commercials Japan pumps out, there’s always the one where a tuna and chicken duke it out and the government-approved short to boost the number of blood donations.

Source, images: Youtube/くらげバンチ新潮社
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