Gal pals? No, gal lovers!

Queer representation in Japanese commercials ranges from the fantastical to the more serious, sometimes focusing on the struggles faced by the Japanese LGBTQ+ community. Like the multitudes contained within personal identity, the individual histories of queer folks are diverse and cover a wide range of experiences. Uniqlo’s newest commercial advertising their AIRism line reflects this by taking a slice-of-life approach in depicting a young sapphic couple.

▼ Playing in the background is Keisuke Kuwata’s “The Wanderin’ Street.”

The commercial follows the day-to-day lives of a sapphic couple dressed in Uniqlo’s AIRism casual wear. From enjoying breakfast together to snuggling up in bed, the commercial’s atmospheric lighting and its soft, intimate vibes pull immediately at the viewer’s heartstrings.

After a montage of the couple’s daily life, the commercial breaks into a tender moment in a florist shop where the couple visit for a bouquet. Not only does the one-and-only Haruka Ayase make a cameo as a friendly florist, but she also inquires if the happy couple are picking up flowers to celebrate their anniversary, which makes my inner romantic swoon.

▼ Not gonna lie, but I’d kind of freak out more if I met Haruka Ayase in real life.

Near the last part of the commercial, we also see bits of sneaky PDA such as the couple holding hands behind a park bench. Small moments like these are no doubt relatable to any queer individual in a relationship—sometimes you wanna show a little love to your significant other, but it may be difficult at times given the unfortunate potential of drawing in judgement.

“Towards an open world.”

The commercial ends on a blissful note with the happy couple laying out on the floor for an afternoon siesta. And of course, what is a commercial without its advertising product? AIRism undershirt for 990 yen (US$9.11), folks!

Like or dislike rainbow capitalism, it’s always refreshing to see a realistic depiction of sapphic love. As Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Japan’s largest event celebrating all members of the LGBTQI+ community, draws near, let’s keep our loved ones close as well and remind them how we enjoy their presence in our day-to-day lives, no matter in times of ease or hardship.

Source, images: YouTube/UNIQLO ユニクロ
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