lost in translation

Uniqlo collaborates with director Sofia Coppola to celebrate 25th anniversary of her debut

Uniqlo’s latest collection of apparel features quotes and images from some of Coppola’s biggest films.

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Kanji T-shirt seen on U.S. TV show makes Japanese viewers giggle

According to his shirt, this guy isn’t just “huge in Japan”, he’s huge somewhere else too. 

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We taste the Adult Cream Pie from McDonald’s Japan

This dessert has been a long time coming.

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Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan

People are wondering if any English speakers were consulted before they chose the name for the salacious new dessert.

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Artist turns “untranslatable words” from various languages into beautiful necklaces 【Pics】

The jewelry shows off how gorgeous some Japanese words can be.

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Quiz Time! Can you identify the crazy Japanese titles of these US-made movies?【Video】

We’ve found a hilarious quiz that is going to test your Japanese cinema knowledge. Can you get a passing grade?

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Musician’s Japanese ‘translator’ has no idea what she’s saying, can’t get over her hair【Video】

When Australian musician Tal Wilkenfeld randomly asked a fellow coffee shop patron for translation help, we don’t think this was quite what she was expecting.

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Park Hyatt Hotel honors hotel guest’s request to stay in Bill Murray’s “Lost in Translation” room

On vacation in Tokyo but feeling a little “lost in translation”? Well, if you’ve got the cash to splash, why not make your Japan experience even more memorable by paying homage to the classic comedy-drama of the same name by staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel, considered by some to be Tokyo’s best luxury hotel.

For those who are extremely fortunate, as one Reddit user recently found, you might even score a fabulous night in the suite used by Bill Murray in the movie.

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Costco Japan wants all English speakers to know they’re holding a “Tuna Roadshow”

Yes sir! A much beloved Tuna Roadshow was scheduled to be held at Costco on 7 November according to the English on their advertisement. It would seem that the English was designed to attract foreigners who might not be familiar with the concept of Tuna Roadshows, which we imagine would include…everyone.

I’m guessing it’s a show where people dust off that old fish lying in their attic and take it to tuna experts to see how much money they’re worth. Either that or someone did a half-assed job on the translation.

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Job Buddhas and paper hand jobs: Thai government’s list of jobs foreigners may not do is amazing

In this increasingly globalized society, controlling immigration and labor practices becomes an ever more challenging issue for nations. In the case of Thailand, the Ministry of Labor has outlined a list of 39 jobs that foreigners are prohibited from performing in the country.

Of course, since the list is directed at those from other countries the ministry had the list carefully translated into English. So, let’s take a moment to educate ourselves in Thai labor laws with their list titled “Career aliens do not: Not alien to the professional set of career. Professional and not an alien to do.”

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