Little shadow warrior performs superhuman feats with his own shadow warrior.

Travelling on public transport can be a chore for anyone of any age, but when you’re a parent with a young child, getting from A to B on a plane, train or automobile can feel like an especially long and daunting task.

These days, of course, little ones can be kept entertained with iPads, DVDs or smartphones for hours on end. But as their eyes stay glued to the screen, there’s a whole world whizzing by outside that’s just begging to be enhanced by a little one’s spark of imagination and creativity.

As it turns out, there’s a pretty neat way to get kids looking out the window again, and here to show us how it’s done is Twitter user @fuki_fuki, who’s shared a video of her young companion interacting with the world outside in a delightful way. 

All you need is a sheet of transparency paper with a cutout of a little running ninja pasted on it. Add to that a dash of imagination and a window on a moving form of transport, and you’ve got everything you need to create your own animation!

The idea for the running ninja likely came from @fuki_fuki, who is a maker of handmade toys. While the little shadow warrior is incredibly cute, it’s deceptively educational as well, as it gets the boy thinking about movement, perspective and spatial awareness.

It also encourages him to use his imagination and look at the world in a different light, which keeps him entertained throughout each station of the journey. 

The charming tale of the boy and the shadow warrior has touched the hearts of people from around the world, who’ve left comments like:

“This is genius! It’s what I used to see in my head as a child but I never thought to make it real with something like this!”
“The things I imagined in my own head as a child have now materialised!”
“I wonder what happened to the lion that lived in my imagination when I was little…”
“I used to look out the window and see the same thing when I was little, only it was Mario instead of a ninja jumping around outside!”
“I love the way the boy manipulates the ninja, making him jump through the air and run on the overhead lines.”
“I liked the way he made it run super fast on the tracks, like it was a character in an anime or video game.”

It certainly is an impressive idea for keeping little ones entertained while also giving parents an insight into how their children look at the world as well.

And who knows – perhaps this young boy’s little ninja companion will inspire him to become a ninja himself one day, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, as modern-day shinobi get paid more than modern-day animators.

Source, image: Twitter/@fuki_fuki
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