“At this point, does it still count as clothing?”

As some of you might recall, roughly three years ago every virgin in Japan suddenly dropped dead. No, this wasn’t the plot of an H anime or raunchy ‘80s teen comedy coming true, wherein failing to get laid literally meant one’s life was over. Instead, the culprit was an article of clothing which quickly became known as the “virgin-killing sweater,” which had a level a sexiness so high that it was believed virgins would drop dead from all the stimulation it provided.

Now, however, it may once again be time for the innocent and inexperienced to shield their eyes, as the Japanese Internet has discovered a new virgin-killing sweater.

Like the previous virgin-killing sweater, this new model is a gray knit top. Whereas the older garment was modest-looking from the front, though, with ample openings on the sides and on the back, the new virgin-slayer is skimpy from every angle.

More so than the promotional images from retailer Hare Ame, however, it’s the photos from Japanese Twitter user @FelizNyan, modeling the sweater, that have been getting attention online.


Reactions to the tweet from @FelizNyan (who also recently modeled a startling sexy item from Uniqlo) have included:

“This is more than my virgin heart can handle.”
“And I was killed…”
“I have no regrets about how I lived my life.”
“You really need a pair of niplesses if you’re going to wear this.”
“At this point, does it still count as clothing?”
“It’s really only a sweater in a philosophical sense, I think.”

▼ True enough, if it weren’t for a pair of straps keeping everything tied closed together in back, it’d technically be an apron or frock.

The garment, officially called the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater, was created by designer Amami (@amami_omt on Twitter), who’s already working on her next project concept: a leopard maid outfit.

If the Slit Ribbon Knit Sweater is the sort of thing you’ve been looking for, either to make a bold fashion statement or engage in some quick and easy virgi-cide, Hare Ame is offering it for sale for 3,980 yen (US$36) though its website here.

Source: Hare Ame via Twitter/@FelizNyan via Otakomu
Images: Hare Ame
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