You’ll want to give these limited-time-only delicacies a try before they’re gone!

Very soon it will be February, and you know what that means: everything will be chocolate-flavored, and that includes even ramen! Ramen restaurant chain Korakuen will be bringing back their popular Chocolate Ramen, along with a new variety of White Chocolate Ramen, to celebrate this Valentine’s Day season.

Though Korakuen isn’t the first to sell either chocolate or white chocolate-flavored ramen, previous renditions we’ve tried have either been tsukemen style, in which you dip the noodles into the chocolate broth, or have used chocolate as a topping, rather than incorporating it into the broth.

Korakuen’s limited edition Chocolate and White Chocolate Ramen are different, however. The Chocolate Ramen not only uses chocolate as a topping, but includes cocoa oil in the soy sauce-based broth. The broth is thick, with faint notes of chocolate, which is a nice touch when you want to try something unusual but not overwhelming.

The new White Chocolate Ramen is slightly more decadent. It’s got a salt broth base, to which cocoa oil and cream are added, making this broth a creamy, rich, and deep experience. Topped with white chocolate, this is sure to be a pleasant upgrade from Korakuen’s usual menu.

Both ramen dishes will go on sale starting on January 30 and will stay on the menu, selling for 640 yen (US$5.87) each, until March 11. You’ve got plenty of time to stop by and give them a try, so why not bring your honey to Korakuen and share a chocolaty ramen dinner with them this Valentine’s Day?

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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