The effort is to reduce abandonment and missing pets, but some aren’t on board.

Starting June 1, the Japanese government enacted a law requiring that dogs and cats at pet shops and breeders be microchipped. The law was enacted in an effort to help missing pets reunite with their owners and to reduce cases of animals being recklessly abandoned.

The microchip that will be implanted into the pups and kittens is only about two millimeters (0.08 inches) long, and within the chip is stored a 15-digit number that links up to the owner’s name, address, and contact info. It even allows owners to make pet residence cards in some parts of Japan! If the government’s estimates are correct, over 410,000 pets will be microchipped within the year.

But while the government only had pets’ safety in mind, some thought differently, as voiced by these opinions online.

“Isn’t this a bit off the mark? It doesn’t seem right to force this kind of procedure on living things, even if it’s an act of love. Instead, they should make the punishment for abandonment harsher.”
“I’m scared that abandoning their pets would find a way to forcibly remove the microchip…”
“Does this apply to the pets I already own?”
“I bet people will start arguing people should be microchipped, too.”

The law doesn’t requite that already-owned pets be microchipped, but the government strongly urges everyone’s cooperation. This also seems to apply to cats and dogs up for adoption at shelters or other related organizations. So if you’re planning to own a pet soon in Japan, keep this in mind! In any case, we look forward to seeing how the law actually impacts the number of missing or abandoned pets in the country.

Sources: My Game News Flash via Livedoor News
Image: Pakutaso
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