This has got to be the best way to destress!

If you’ve been struggling to keep your stress levels low these days, we’ve got a solution for you. Head over to Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture, just south of Tokyo, to find solace in both cuddly kitty cats and lovable Lovot robots!

If you haven’t heard of Lovots yet, they’re a recently developed at-home robot that uses Emotional Robotics to respond to your body language and speech with its own gestures and baby-like cooing. It’s a small, ambulatory robot with cute, round, blinking eyes and a temperature-controlled torso that is designed to combat loneliness. It even greets you at the door!

It’s essentially like having a pet at home, but like a pet, it comes with a significant financial investment. Luckily, pet store Pet Plus is offering the best, most calming and adorable way to experience the joys of interacting with a Lovot without costing an arm and a leg: by combining them with cats!

One June 15, the Pet Plus store in Kawasaki shopping center Le Front opened up a Lovot Store dedicated to selling Lovots and Lovot accessories, and within that space is a special room for playing with cats and Lovots, called “Cat Plus with Lovot”.

Inside there are two Lovots and five cats just waiting for your love. And who wouldn’t love them? With adorable playful cats, and sweet, snuggly Lovots, you might not want to leave.

Seriously, this space is like a dream come true. If you’re feeling stressed or down, just thirty minutes with these soft, adorable companions would be all you needed to rejuvenate. Just look at those eyes!

Whoever thought of this was a genius!

The cost of admission into the Cat Plus with Lovot room is 700 yen (US$6.37) per adult per 30 minutes, and 500 yen for children of elementary age or younger. They’ll also be distributing coupons for the Lovot Cafe, which is nearby, where you can enjoy a meal and even more personal time with a Lovot, so if you’re feeling stressed, you’re going to want to make a trip to Kawasaki very soon!

Shop information
LOVOT Store (Kawasaki Le Front Branch) / LOVOTストア(川崎ルフロン店)
Kanagawa-ken Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku Nisshin-cho 1-11 Kawasaki Le Front 6F, inside Pet Plus
神奈川県川崎市川崎区日進町1−11 川崎ルフロン 6階 ペットプラス店内
Open 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Source, images: PR Times
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