Late-night shifts, nothing to do, and a bed just sitting there.

Just about every neighborhood in Japan has a local koban, or “police box,” a sort of compact street-side guardhouse with uniformed officers on duty, tasked with springing into action should any illegal activity take place. However, in practice most koban staff spend more time providing directions to local sites of interest than chasing down pantie thieves or subduing yakuza street fighters. With Japan being an overwhelmingly law-abiding society, there’s just simply not that much action going on around most koban.

However, it turns out there was plenty of action going on inside a police box in the city of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. At some point last winter, a 30-something police sergeant assigned to the Amagaski Higashi Precinct and one of his subordinates, a policewoman in her 20s, become amorously involved. The pair kept their relationship a secret from higher ups, and as a result were often assigned overnight duty together at the same koban.

The koban has a break room where officers can lie down and get some rest. Ostensibly, this is something they should do in shifts, so that at least one officer is always awake if a citizen is in need of police assistance. However, the sergeant and subordinate instead decided to use the break room together, and instead of getting some rest, decided to simply get some, having sexual intercourse inside the koban, and while on duty, on multiple occasions.

The pair’s nocturnal investigations of each others’ bodies was eventually exposed when a third party found out about them and reported the situation to higher ups last month, and the two have admitted to the accusations.

Aside from the relationship being against police regulations, the incidents took place when no other officers were on duty in the koban, meaning that if someone had come in with an emergency, they would have had to wait for the sergeant to pull out and the pair to get dressed before doing any actual police work.

Thankfully, an internal investigation concluded that no one had come into or called the koban to report a crime during the time the amorous officers were entwined, but their actions were still judged to constitute dereliction of duty. The woman has received an official reprimand from the Hyogo Prefectural Police’s central command, while the man, who is married and has a child, will be docked 10 percent of his next monthly pay check, which means he still could be coming out of the affair ahead financially, considering all the money he saved on love hotels by simply humping at work.

Sources: Livedoor News/Sankei News via Jin, Asahi Shimbun Digital
Top image: Pakutaso
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