Trending hashtag reveals some interesting quirks that guests have come across during their short-term stays.

In Japan, a lot of people live in tiny one-room bedsits or multi-generational residences with parents and grandparents, which is great for saving money and living on a budget, but not so great when it comes to making love.

It’s a situation that helped give birth to the love hotel as we know it back in the early ’60s, and since then these short-stay hotels  — which cater to couples looking for a private place to have sex — have become so entrenched in Japanese society that you’ll find them all over the country, from the busiest cities to even small rural towns.

While they all look different and boast their own unique features, love hotels share a lot in common that set them apart from ordinary hotels, and people who’ve used them will have come across a lot of the same things inside. In fact, this knowledge of what makes a love hotel a love hotel set off the hashtag #ラブホあるある (rabuho aru aru), which is currently trending on Twitter.

Rabuho is the shortened form of “love hotel” in Japanese, while “aru” literally means “it exists’. The repetition of “aru” in “aru aru” means “it exists, it exists”, in the sense that something is so understandable and relatable to so many people it’s as if they’re all jumping up and down saying “Exactly, exactly!” or “Yes, yes, they have that!” in agreement.

So let’s take a look at some of the “Yes, yes, love hotels have that!” tweets which have everybody nodding their heads in understanding, starting from the outside, where the first thing everyone seems to notice about them is their eye-catching exteriors.

▼ This hotel advertises itself with King Kong.

▼ And this one draws attention with The Statue of Liberty.

▼ Many use elaborate castles to turn heads, like this impressive establishment in Osaka.

This Twitter user says the whole time growing up they thought this was Osaka Castle, and it’s been mistaken for the famous sightseeing spot by others on numerous occasions.

Some love hotels, like this one in a UFO, which this person thought was real when they were little, look so awesome from the outside that kids fall in love with them from a young age.

Another thing you’ll notice from the outset is that love hotels love to have weird names.

▼ “Hotel Moshi Moshi Pierrot”, ”The Legend of the Shibuya Street”, and “Hotel For This Reason”

▼ “Banana and Doughnuts”, “Study Room”, and “Hotel Make-You-Cum”

Once you enter a love hotel, it can be a long way from the entrance to the front desk reception area.

At the reception desk, there often won’t be any staff to greet you, as payment is usually done via machines to save guests from feeling awkward or embarrassed.

▼ Some love hotels will surprise you with their pneumatic tube payment system.

Inside the room, love hotels are a world away from anything you’ve ever seen before, with unusual art that might have you wondering where it came from…

Bathtubs that light up in bright colours…

▼ And sometimes, there are slot machines.

These curved phones struck a chord with a lot of people for being a love hotel staple.

▼ The number 9 button for contacting staff is well worn.

▼ Some places display their electric massagers like samurai swords.

▼ And bubbles in the bath can end up looking like this.

Another thing commonly found at love hotels is themed rooms.

▼ Some places have rooms set up like train carriages…

▼ While others are styled like classrooms

▼ And others are set up for S&M.

The “X Japan Room”, which doesn’t mention any connection to X Japan the band, looks like something from Fifty Shades of Grey.

After you’ve enjoyed your stay at the a hotel, you’ll want to make a discreet exit, and establishments understand guests’ need for privacy, even supplying boards to cover up license plates in the carpark.

If you’ve visited one love hotel, there’s a good chance you’ll be visiting more, and as you’ll be using different ones depending on where you are when the mood takes you, your member’s cards can really start to pile up.

So there you have it, some of the very best love hotel quirks brought to light with the “Yes, yes love hotels have that!” hashtag. Have any of these revelations surprised you or resonated with you? Let us know in the comments below, and remember — the love hotel isn’t just for couples; these little mini paradises with beautiful rooms are fun places even for singles who want to have a fun night to themselves!

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