This one cat would like to call in a complaint about her owner’s rendition of “I Stepped on the Cat.”

Meet female tortoise-shell cat Mikasa, who lives a pampered life with the adoring devotion of her unnamed human servant (who runs theTwitter account @MikasaLove611).

▼ Here’s Mikasa celebrating Cat Day in Japan last month

Mikasa usually wants for naught–both in terms of material goods and attention–but it appears that last week she was so much in want of her human’s musical concert to end that she took some drastic measures to interrupt it.

▼ “My cat is enraged at the extremely imprudent song ‘I Stepped on the Cat'” 

For the record, “I Stepped on the Cat” is the actual title of one of the first musical pieces that beginner piano players learn in Japan–similar to “Chopsticks” or “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for many western learners.

▼ Here’s a piano music version

▼ And here’s a version with lyrics and cute idols

So was it the title of the song that (understandably) ticked Mikasa off? Or did she take issue with her owner’s musical skills in and of themselves? We’ll probably never know for sure, but we can enjoy some other net user reactions instead:

“She’s definitely saying, ‘Hey! Cut it meowut!!'”
“There’s no excuse for a human servant to be playing such a disobedient song to their feline master.”
“Ahh, what lovely dissonance.”
“The piano player has fast reactions.”
“I’m more fascinated by the unko toy and blood stickers on the keys…”

No word yet on how the piano player has recovered from her musical assault, but you can bet she’ll be filing charges if she ever comes home to the following scene:

▼ Gasp! Not the toilet paper in these times!

So remember, musicians of the world–just to play it safe, it’s best to use discretion when performing potentially insulting songs in front of our feline overlords.

Source: Twitter/@MikasaLove611 via Hamusoku
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso
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