Cats seem pretty happy with the new sleeping arrangements, after making some changes to the owner’s plan.

Choosing to become an indoor pet owner obviously means choosing to share your home with your animal friends. Still, it’s not always practical or convenient for every inch of your living space to be joint-use, and you can often make everyone happier by designating certain sections of facilities as being for one species or another.

For example, Japanese Twitter user @totomaru_hanmi wanted to give his cats their own sleeping space, and rather than just toss some random basket or blanket in the corner, he went to the trouble and expense of buying his pets a special feline futon, complete with a traditional karakusa moyo, or arabesque pattern, on it. Once he had the sleeping mat at home, he placed it on the bedroom floor, so that his cats could get some Zs whenever they felt like it.

And his plan worked! With the futon laid out, @totomaru_hanmi’s cats immediately understood that there was no need to restrain themselves on @totomaru_hanmi’s account, and promptly went to sleep…

…on his bed.

“So, I guess this is their way of saying ‘You sleep on the floor,’ right?” tweeted @totomaru_hanmi, flawlessly interpreting his cats’ nonverbal communication, and other commenters got the message loud and clear as well.

“’Our owner bought a new futon!’ ‘So that means he’s giving the bed to us! ’’Yep!’”
“Because we’re so nice, we’ll let you use the new futon.”
“Kinda weird of you to buy such a small futon for yourself.”
“A cat’s preferred sleeping spot is right in the middle of a human’s sleeping space.”

Still, @totomaru_hanmi doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings about the territorial dispute in the bedroom, seeing as how he’s also been kind enough to make some terrine for his cats using a delicious-looking salmon that he recently caught while fishing.

Getting back to the futon, one commenter theorized that the cats might, right now, prefer sleeping in the bed because it has their owner’s scent on it, and suggested that they might warm up to the idea of sleeping in their futon if @totomaru_hanmi uses it as a pillow for a few days. Looking at the photo again, though, when they’re sleeping on the bed the cats aren’t anywhere near the pillow @totomaru_hanmi is already using, so it looks like the cat futon might be vacant for some time to come.

Source: Twitter/@totomaru_hanmi via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@totomaru_hanmi
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