Full points for speed, enthusiasm, and especially adorableness.

While the Japanese Internet is constantly enamored with the Shiba inu for its ability to be the goofiest pooch around, the Corgi is secure in its claim to fame of having the cutest backside, since no other breed’s has quite the same adorable combination of roundness, shakiness, and fluffiness.

But such cuteness is fleeting, since if you’re looking at a Corgi’s behind and it starts walking, the view is going to get progressively smaller, right?

Maybe… but then again maybe not, as we see in this video of Iroha, a five-month old Corgi with her own Twitter account (@iroha_WCP1011). As the video opens, Iroha is at the end of a narrow opening next to the wall of her home, facing away from the camera. When her owner calls out to her, she excitedly rushes over…


without ever turning around! Instead, she just shakes and shimmies while running in reverse, only twisting to see what’s up after she comes out at the end of the passage where her owner is waiting.

This wasn’t a one-time performance, either. Here’s another video of Iroha moving around her home in the same manner, shot from an overhead angle.

As the roughly five and a half million views for Iroha’s first video prove, she’s charmed the online community with her wiggly agility, with impressed commenters saying:

“The sight of the butt has cleansed my heart.”
“It’s so cute how she looks back over her shoulder first and then starts scooting backwards.”
“Very smart girl to check behind herself first.”
“Cuteness CHARGE!”
“Full speed behind!”

It’s not like Iroha is incapable of walking forward, either. Here she is out for a walk, for example, with her motion vector and eyes pointed the same way.

It turns out, though, that this sort of quadrupedal backpedaling is a Corgi specialty, as the dogs in these videos show off similar skills, almost like they’re trying out for Japan’s annual best butt award.

Still, we have to say that Iroha does it especially well.

So thanks, Iroha! We could all use an extra smile or two these days, and yours is definitely the cutest Corgi butt we’ve seen since the one from last year that made our coworker say he wanted to die.

Source: Twitter/@iroha_WCP1011 via IT Media
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