You+More now selling an adorable new Akita puppy plushie and tiny puppy pouches

Life-like, realistic, and supremely lovable!

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Japanese Corgi makes a Pokémon friend as life-size Yamper plushie moves into his home【Video】

Birthday pooch is very happy with his present.

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Today, let’s all take a moment to watch this amazing Corgi butt video from Japan【Video】

Full points for speed, enthusiasm, and especially adorableness.

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Protective pup plays game of defending food while asking for trouble【Video】

Corgis never made much sense to begin with, but Chikuwa-kun really takes the cake for strange behavior here. 

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Picture of extremely excited corgi turns into online Photoshop battle【Photos】

Doggy just wanted a treat, but got the picture editing battle of a century instead.

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Chiro the corgi talks, shakes hands, wiggles her bootie, and wins our hearts

Dogs have been human companions for tens of thousands of years, so it’s hardly surprising that we’re still such good buddies. After all, as cute as cats are, you’d be hard pressed to find many felines that would go to bat to protect their owners. They might keep the mice away, but they’re not likely to scare off any burglars.

Even so, some dogs just seem like better protectors than others. Corgis, for example, are apparently great alarm dogs. Though if you’re counting on your corgi to protect you, this video may give you second thoughts…

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【Monday Kickstart】Corgi gets his groove on

It’s Monday again and you know what that means! Your Monday Kickstart video is here to get you going through another week. 

This week’s video features a corgi who’s so happy he just can’t contain himself. With a short stubby tail, the little dog shows his excitement the only way he can: by wagging his entire backside. Shakira’s “hips don’t lie” and twerking jokes aside, it’s an adorable video!

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