Who would have thought that dogs would like natto?

Shiba inu are some of the cutest and goofiest dogs. They have boundless energy that they use to run, hop, swim, and play all day long, and their owners generally love them to bits. So when one shiba ate some natto (fermented soy beans) and started making a funny chattering noise with her mouth, it’s no surprise that her owner rushed her to the vet clinic in a panic, but in the end what the vet had to say about it actually made for a pretty funny story.

But first, meet Tatsunoko-hime, known as Tacchan for short, an eight-month-old shiba inu puppy. She’s as energetic and adorable as any Shiba pup, and just as goofy. Her human uses the Twitter handles @TACHUNOKOHIME and @TATSUNOKOHIME to post photos and videos of Tacchan being supremely cute every day.

Three months ago, Tacchan gave her owners a scare when she ate some natto and started making a funny clacking noise with her teeth:

▼ Translation below

“Three months ago, Tacchan turned into a castanet when she ate some natto. My husband gathered her up in his arms, shouting, ‘Don’t die!’ and whisked her off to the vet. 
My husband waited with tears in his eyes and his face white as a sheet until the vet said, laughing,
‘There’s nothing wrong with her! She just liked the natto so much that she couldn’t contain her excitement!’
Now my husband has decided he’s too embarrassed to ever show his face at the vet office again.”

To her owner’s chagrin, Tacchan was perfectly fine. Apparently she had just found the natto so tasty that she did the doggie equivalent of smacking her lips. Who would have thought that dogs like natto?

Japanese Twitter users and Tacchan fans were surprised too, but loved the story and the cute little shiba’s happy chatter:

“Happy castanets! hahaha Tacchan and her mommy and daddy are so funny!”
“When male dogs catch the scent of female dogs, they make the castanet sound too! It must have been really tasty if she reacted with instinctual behavior!”
“I remember being surprised when my Shiba did the same thing! Your husband’s love for his dog is wonderful!”
“He was so worried! I’m glad nothing came of it.”
“Really?! My dog does that after licking the face of an older man in our neighborhood. I wonder if it tastes good for him?”
“Dogs like sweet and fermented flavors, so it’s not uncommon for them to like natto! 

So if your dog does a little chattering after they’ve eaten something, don’t worry! Apparently that means they really enjoyed it…so you should probably give it to them again. Then maybe they will start asking for it with words!

Source: Twitter/@TACHUNOKOHIME via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@TACHUNOKOHIME
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