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Because it’s not like it can choose itself, is it?

Lovers of alcohol are no doubt thankful to the High Sour brand, which popularized the drink that Japan calls the “sour” (a mix of shochu, soda water, and fruit juice) when it went on sale in 1980.

Lovers of butts also owe the brand a debt of gratitude. While the lusty male mind in Japan tends to gravitate around breasts, High Sour regularly makes the derriere the centerpiece of marketing for its bottled cocktails, and even produces the Bishiri (“Beautiful Butt”) Calendar, the best way to keep your life in order and ogle some shapely backsides all at the same time.

▼ Excerpts from the 2016 version, with butts bearing the High Sour logo

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The selections for the Bishiri Calendar are made from over 330,000 posterior photos, purportedly. But when it comes time to choose the best of the bishiri, High Sour turns the final decision over to the people. Between now and January 31, you can vote for your personal favorite out of a field consisting of the 13 butts featured on the 2016 Bishiri Calendar plus five more honorable mentions that have been added to the group.

▼ Entries 1-3 (top row) and 4-6 (bottom row)

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▼ Entries 7-12

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▼ Entries 13-18

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The ballot can be found here on the contest’s official website. You’ll have to scroll down quite a way to reach it, but there are several pictures of butts along the way.

When voting, you’re required to give your name and email, and while you might be tempted to give fakes for both, there’s a slight economic incentive to using an actual, working email address. The eventual winning butt (which will be announced on February 17) will be placed on a special glass that will go on sale later in the year, and discount codes will be emailed to voters letting them receive 20-percent off on preorders of the suggestive drinking vessel.

▼ 2015’s winner

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Oh, you’ll also be asked to check a box for your age group. The youngest possible choice being “20-29,” indicates that kids aren’t supposed to vote, since legal adulthood in Japan begins at 20. On the other hand, the most elderly group is listed as “80 or above,” proving that as long as you’re in good health, you’re never too old to appreciate a stiff drink or a beautiful butt.

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