Part-time worker, full-time friendship.

Social distancing to keep the coronavirus under control has spurred everything from wedding ceremonies held in Animal Crossing to heavy metal songs about proper hand-washing methods.

And since March is the end of the Japanese school year, it has affected graduation ceremonies for many as well. Those who were looking forward to going on stage with their classmates and officially bringing an end to that stage of their lives have had to make do with much smaller celebrations.

But just because they’re smaller, that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. A great example was posted by Japanese Twitter user @ing_tapp who posted this photo:

“The 7-11 near the hospital. The late-night coworkers of a part-time college student
worker set up this decoration for him. Isn’t that wonderful! Congratulations to him.”

▼ Another person took a photo of the same decoration from a different angle,
showing the details of the flowers a bit more close up.

The sign itself on the decoration reads:

“Congratulations on graduating!
(The specific name is crossed out.)
From all the late-night workers.”

We have to say, that is quite a touching display. Just imagine being that graduate, walking to work and feeling a mixture of anxiety about interacting with the public in this time, and a little frustration at not being able to celebrate your graduation properly after all of your hard work.

Then you see this, from your fellow coworkers that you’ve worked with late at night for the past years. We have to imagine that put a smile on his face.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the thoughtful decoration:

“With the way the world is currently, even though I have nothing to do with this, it still made me happy to see. I hope things like this spread far and wide.”
“Amazing! Getting a flower wreath like that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
“That must be a great place to work, and some great people to work with.”
“I can feel the good vibes from that workplace myself.”
“He must’ve been a great employee to get something like this.”
“So there really is some good left in this world.”

In this time of uncertainty and huge events cancelling, it’s great to see people looking out for each other’s well being. A little show of appreciation means a lot in these tough times, so if there’s a recent graduate, or anyone else whose big events have been cut short in your life, a few flowers and kind words can go a long way.

Source: Twitter/ing_tapp via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/ing_tapp
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